Establishing a definitive program
A clear and organized methodology is important to solving complex problems. Prior to the conception phase, ARCHITEM undergoes a study period, dedicated to listening to the needs of the client, outlining the priorities of the project and establishing a definitive version of the program. This process allows them to define the size of the project and the individual tasks required.

Defining the concept
Together with the client, different options are analyzed and the ultimate solution is developed that best reflects the client’s aspirations.

Cost control
Respecting the established plan in terms of cost, ARCHITEM offers a continuous revision process throughout all the phases (definition of the program, concept phase, preliminary phase, working drawing phase and construction). All decisions relating to the concept will be evaluated throughout the process.

Project execution
Once a consensus has been reached and a direction and a budget have been finalized, the project is launched into execution. During this phase, and when finalizing important decisions, ARCHITEM continues to work in close collaboration with the client.